N°25 - 03/05/12

GT and tin-top drivers, IVOS helmets are
awaiting you

GT and tin-top drivers, you were expecting it. Stand 21 has engineered the new Open-Face IVOS helmet especially for you. It exceeds the SNELL SA 2010 standards, with all the advantages of the universally recognized IVOS Double-Duty, full-face model.
It is the perfect answer for drivers suffering from claustrophobia; the Open-Face IVOS allows the use of an added visor.
Pioneer of multi-use helmets with the F21 Double-Duty issued twenty years ago, Stand 21 takes another step towards increased protection and comfort. Like other models in the range, the
IVOS-Open has a system of adjustable side padding to get a perfect morphological adaptation, guaranteeing optimum protection of the cranium.

For you ladies

Motor sport continues to feminize. This point in itself being good news, did not escape Dr. Terry Trammell *, a celebrated American physician heavily involved in the IndyCar series that until recently was a man’s sport. Today, no less than seven women are competing in the series. Dr. Trammell discovered that the traditional brassiere they wear could be very dangerous in case of fire. In Europe, a rally co-driver was badly burned by that reason alone. Michèle Mouton, president of the Women & Motor Sports Committee of the FIA, met with Dr. Trammel and encouraged him to solve this issue that had so far been ignored.
The American surgeon suggested to his friend, Stand 21 president Yves Morizot, to develop a fire retardant brassiere suitable for motor sport. Mr. Morizot immediately endorsed this suggestion and, in collaboration with Jenny Stewart, commissioner in charge of technical security at IndyCar, launched a feasibility study. After testing several prototypes, in both IndyCar and drag-racing series, the final product is now pending SFI approval for SFI-3.3 underwear certification in the United States and will soon be submitted to the FIA.
The Stand 21 fire-retardant brassiere is available in sizes S, M, L and XL and is priced at € 90.30 ex VAT.
For more information about the availability of this new product, consult your distributor or an exclusive Stand 21 store or visit www.stand21.com


Jenny Stewart, commissioner in charge of technical security in the IndyCar racing series: "The big issue is you had a sports bra or a normal bra that would have an underwire, and one of the biggest issues is heat transfer. It’s not necessarily the flames because they already have the triple-layer firesuit and Nomex underwear. A bra with any metal will conduct heat and the retail sports bras have elastic that can melt."
Sarah Fisher, team owner and former driver: "Girls in the sprint car, midget and formula car ranks need fire protection. […] The doctors don’t want you wearing cotton, but that’s only the choice you have for any support. It’s great that Stand 21 has taken the initiative to meet that need."
* Dr. Terry Trammel is a surgeon specializing in spinal injuries and has over thirty years experience. Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, he is especially known for its involvement in motor racing accidents. At the forefront of surgical techniques and medical research, he is also an active member of the Stand 21 “Racing Goes Safer” foundation.

Comfortable inside your socks

Stand 21 now offers a new line of socks amongst the many innovations developed in the framework of scientific and medical research on heat stress. Giving your feet greater ventilation than standard models, they will enhance natural sudation.
Available now from your Stand 21 retailer.

Optimize your IVOS Full-Face helmet

Enhance your IVOS helmet performance as needed with a new range of specially designed accessories:
- Anti-fog visor
- Top-mounted forced-air intake
- New Top-Win
- Down force spoilers
Find the details of all these additions on your Stand 21 distributor website at www.stand21.com, or at your Stand 21 retail store.

Special drag racing

Always attentive to the needs of drag racing drivers, Stand 21 continues to expand its product line ever closer to their needs. Thus the new dual-screen visor  for the
Full-Face IVOS helmet, designed to offer increased resistance to fire and impact. Stand 21 also sells new over-boots exceeding the
SFI 3.3/20 standard.

By-gone days of the leather palmed gloves
Do you remember the gloves with leather palms, the feel of their grip on the steering wheel, their durability? For the nostalgic of these great artifacts from another era, that were not forced to comply with the FIA-8856-2000 standard, Stand 21 offers its new line of Carrera gloves.
Soon available in two configurations, either traditional or with outside seams, they will meet the FIA-IFC 3.3 and FIA-86 standards and will come in black, red and royal blue.
As for the full range of Stand 21 gloves, they can be customizable when a minimum of two pairs are being ordered.
Carrera Carrera (outside seams)