N°25 - 03/05/12

Every weekend around the world, on any racing track, crashes do happen, reminding us that safety is not an issue to ignore, and that no one
should minimize it.

The beginning of a new safety era...

“Without any changes, drivers would still be dying in NASCAR. But I don't think we'd beseeing NASCAR right now, quite frankly.
I think Congress would have gotten involved at some point... I believe so.
You cannot continue to kill your heroes.” Dr. John Melvin, safety expert and NASCAR consultant about the death of Dale Earnhardt

As a motorsport safety source, the "Racing Goes Safer" safety
foundation, a non-profit organization with a primary purpose of promoting enhanced motorsports safety,
achieving this in collaboration with medical and scientific bodies, as well as with major series’ organizers (FIA, SFI, NHRA, SCTA, SCCA, SCORE) so to bring awareness of safety issues, and solutions to the
forefront of the motorsports world.
By gathering and consolidating data and experiences collected by sanctioning bodies, universities, and
medical research groups, the foundation is dedicated to sharing this information by educating, and listening to the Motorsport community worldwide.
This motorsport safety foundation is crucial more than ever, considering that in 1970 they were a few thousands of racecar drivers competing worldwide, and today the community is closer to 1.5 million and 99% of them are “gentlemen drivers”.

More information about the foundation: www.racinggoessafer.com

Planned ending of the Snell SA-2005 Standard

The FIA has announced the date ending the SA-2005 helmet standard validity in its regulations. On January 1, 2019, such helmets will no longer be accepted in FIA sanctioned events.
As a reminder, the Snell SA-2000 standard will no longer be valid as of January 1, 2015, and helmets bearing the BSI BS6658-85 type A/FR labels will no longer be accepted for these racing classes as of December 31, 2013.