N°27 - 13/01/14
New products information

A milestone in racing safety


After numerous improvements with the constant help of
safety experts, especially from the FIA, Stand 21 is proud to announce the immediate availability of the
all-new Lid Lifter head sock.
The retrieval of a driver from his crashed car is
an extremely delicate operation to be performed
solely by professionals. To minimize the risk of
irreversible damage to the cervical vertebrae,
the rule is not to remove the driver's helmet on
site. But this may be needed in some cases for
medical personnel to save the driver. Nowadays,
a Stand 21 innovation is available on the market
that allows the delicate removal of the helmet from the
driver’s head without further damage to the neck.
Developed with medical motor racing personalities
( Dr. Jean Duby, Dr. Terry Trammell , Dr. Paul Trafford,
Dr. Claude Meistelman, Dr. John Melvin etc. ) the Lid Lifter head sock is as simple and reliable in its design as is the HANS® device.
Watch the video at lidlifter.stand21.com and see for
yourself how effective this system truly is.

Off-road dust barrier

The IVOS-Baja helmet’s visor seal has evolved to offer greater protection against dust. As for all such seals, it is subject to normal wear and must be renewed as needed.

Microphone bracket

A new bracket specifically designed for the IVOS open-face helmet is now available. Supplied in carbon finish, it can of course be painted in your helmet’s colors upon special order.

Technical advances advancements

The R&D at Stand 21 is currently running at full speed. Follow our progress on our website, on Facebook or from our newsletters (please register here).

HANS®: Proper fitment for every driver

The Ultimate line is now complete with the 20° and 30° models (Medium and Large).
Moreover, Stand 21 has been able to reduce the prices of the basic range of HANS® to offer
greater access and greater safety to all.
The Club series are now 17.5% less expensive, while the Racing series 2 see their price lowered by 6.87%.

The 2014 edition of the Stand 21 catalog
is now available!