N°22 - 01/10/10
Watch our video on the Official Porsche Motorsport collection presented by Romain Dumas & Timo Bernhard…

With this new collection, Stand 21 & Porsche Motorsport are starting their 5th year of partnership.
Every piece of top-of-the-range equipment is still there. From helmets & racing suits to boots & accessories, join the Porsche family & wear the official colors of Porsche racing department with
the same level of performance, comfort & safety as the factory drivers. Watch the new collection video
& ask your Stand 21 advisor or go to our web site for more information.

Learn more about official Porsche Motorsport racing collections.

The HANS® RS2 rules!

Few months after its launching,
The HANS® RS2 has already been a success.
The 1st 100% carbon-made affordable
HANS® will soon be available in XL size
to offer this technology to more users
and it’s already FIA 8858-2010 homologated!

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The new in-board communication system by Stand 21 is available.
More polyvalent, this new system can be adapted to almost every radio system available
on the market & has been fully tested to ensure durability.
The kit comes with a jack, a microphone & a spiral cable. Various sizes are also available
for pre-molded tips.

Some of our latest creations…
We can realize the racing boots of your dreams with exclusive look from one pair only!!!