N°19 - 26/10/09
The new Porsche Motorsport collection now available…

HSC (for Heat Stress Control) racing suits & underwear are now available in the Porsche Motorsport collection.
The IVOS DA & IVOS Air Force also complete the collection alongside a new helmet bag large enough to contain a helmet & 2 HANS® Systems.

The "IVOS AIR FORCE" in the Porsche collection too...

Come & try it* at our trackside racing service to feel the difference.
- Made-to-measure comfort
- Minimum weight & less neck fatigue
- Optimum HANS® adaptation
- Advanced technology
- Exceptional resistance to shock sanctioned by the SNELL SA 2005 standard
- An optimized ventilation circuit
- Wider vision
* Depending on the availability.

Delivered with:
- 1 clear visor
- 1 peak
- 1 mounting kit
- 1 flexible air tube
- HANS® System
- Full inside

For the IVOS: reflective visors are available.

The HANS® System: more & more fans...
& responsibility

The HANS® System goes on attracting more & more drivers worldwide & Stand 21 has been travelling the globe to ease its introduction.
It was recently the case in the U.S. where Stand 21 came & advised the SCTA (Southern California Timing Association) on the salt lakes of Bonneville, Utah &
El Mirage, California.

The HANS® System will soon be made compulsory (from 2010 to 2014) by numerous governing bodies & series worldwide.
Among those, there are the French, Italian, German, English, Irish, Finnish, Swedish & Spanish

Some of our latest creations for boots & other items…
We can realize the racing boots of your dreams with exclusive look from one pair only!!!