N°13 - 17/03/08
RACING SUITS: Huge success for the Air Force!

Today, most of the drivers and racing authorities start to understand the importance of our “Heat Stress” program (started in 2002).
The exclusive and natural ventilation concept inside the Air Force improves performance greatly by battling against heat stress.
The off-season and the first practice sessions enabled us to test our racing suit with numerous drivers. They were able to enjoy a comfort never felt before.

HANS®: Stand 21 launches a HANS® for everyone!

Answering to a tremendous demand, Stand 21 completes its range with a brand new model, FIA 8858-2002 homologated, at € 689 only.
Available mid-March, this HANS® 20° medium-large has been designed to fit any driver and any configuration.
Contact your Stand 21 advisor regarding your fitting.
We remind you that the HANS® System is being made compulsory in many more local series (national rallies, cups, formulas…). In January 2009, it will be compulsory in any series scheduled by the FIA.
Be careful! The HANS® System can be used with a FIA/HANS® approved helmet only (see the FIA technical list #29)!

BOOTS: Customized safety…

Great success for customized boots too.
To date, no manufacturer had been this far!
Stand 21 dared and our customers are pleased.

Log on www.stand21.fr and create your own pair of boots… live!

At Stand 21, we think about tomorrow’s drivers…

Keeping a “vintage spirit”, Porsche Motorsport and us have added to our collection a brand new MARTINI RACING suit* for mechanics.

* Not  homologated.

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