Boots GPHM

From 225.00 € Excl. VAT, Ex-works Talant, France
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Technical data

1. Finest quality supple suede for more comfort
2. Reinforced stiffer heel
3. Curved sole around the heel
4. EVA Micro-cellular material shock-absorbing heel
5. Ergonomic sole
6. Heel and toe side padding (right shoe) option upon request
Daytona II racing boots technical data
7. Anti-vibration ATV hydrocarbon resistant sole
8. Edge-to-edge assembly avoiding stuck shoes
9. Firm hold by lacing up to the ankle
Ankle Velcro-fastening straps
11. Contoured and padded tongue

- Fully lined in grey aramid
- Padded ankle and malleolus protection
- Sizes: from 36 to 47 and U.S.
- Special designs available
- Colors in inventory: red, royal blue, black