n°5 - 01/08/04
" Manufacturer of Racing Driver Equipment from Head to Toe "
" Made to your measure with your design "
" The racing driver is the most important person in our world "

It is the high season for races, club and sports meetings!
Each setup has the ability to improve performance. This is why you can trust Stand 21 to support you and bring you the best solutions.
Our team of professionals is available at their shops (discover them on www.stand21.fr) and also on tracks and meetings, to bring you the best service, check your needs at this mid season (gloves, undies, boots…)…
Enjoy your end of season.

“Take advantage of the best delivery times in the made to measure market”
At this date, we only need 13 working days (ex works) to manufacture your made to measure suit. Book your slot!
“Did you say you dreamt about it?”
“The Stand 21 program for the “Human Performance resources centre” has already been launched…”

Stand21 has launched several development programs to bring a new dimension to its products, surrounded by the best medical and technical specialists. With the collaboration of the Professor Claude Meistelman from the CHU de Nancy for the European side, as well as MD Terry R Trammel for the North American continent, who used to be in charge of Champ car and NASCAR medical's side.

Stand21 engineering has started a program to manage performance and racing drivers’ safety, thanks to temperature transfer studies, sweating and control of the thermal stress.
On the track side, we work with rally teams, endurance races, Rally Raid.
Our goal is to bring scientific solutions to optimize the performances of the racing driver in a hostile environment (high temperature, fumes breathing, stress…)

Among the new products developed is a new ribs protector jacket for karting, with a level of shock absorptions which has never been equalled.

“The stand21 products are only available from our network”

Stand21 should open very soon a franchise in China, and distributors in Malaysia, Taiwan…


“Hans® engineered by Stand21: to be chosen by our customers is the best recommendation in the world.”

All the stand21 helmets are Hans
® Homologated
The CH17 is the only open face helmet which is Hans
® homologated.
To check the list of Hans®’ homologated helmets, go to: www.fia.com

The Stand21 Hans® is the lightest on the market (homologated weight depending on the size: Premium: 450-480 grs / Economy: 550-660 grs and the latest evolution comes from the padding, for more comfort (cut, form, and colour)

The Hans® benefits do not need to be explained again…. Our role is to explain to you that the Hans® is a vital element and the comfort is acquired after a precise series of adjustments by one of our technicians.

Choose the number 1 choice for the racing drivers

New products: Stand21 prepares a series of new products for the next season!
Trousers / Bermudas, aprons, MC1 (mechanics overalls), Nomex trousers and shirts, for the teams, mechanics minimum 30 pieces to the colour, 5 colours available: red, navy blue, light grey, royal blue, black)

"A stamp of quality”

The Hans® device will be compulsory again in the FIA GT from September 1st 2004 (SPA). Stand21 will be present if you need any adjustments with your Hans®.

Hans® device will be mandatory in WRC (for drivers and co-drivers engaged by factory) from 01/01/05.

Hans® will be mandatory for FIA touring car from 01/01/05.

That's why Stand 21 goes to make testing days in Finland and we will be present in Imola (from 02/09/04) to make a personnal fitting.

A Up to today, here is the homologated Stand21 Hans range:
-20 ME (Medium Economy)
-20LE (Large Economy)
-30 MP (Medium Premium)
The whole range (2 qualities (Economy, Premium), all models and all sizes) will be available form 01/11/2004


Gloves: 1st pictures of the new Stand21 Gloves
REMINDER: The 1986 FIA Standard for the suits, undies and boots will end: 31/12/2004 (for races under FIA reglementation).


“Be aware…”

Stand21 is open all summer: ready to serve you whenever you feel like.

Stand21 France (Dijon) is also open on Saturday except in August) until end of October. Hours: 10 – 1pm
3pm – 7pm

To serve you better, please, fill in the VIP sheet and fax it back on +33-380-53-92-30

Visit the workshop live! Helmets and racing suits

The 2005 catalogue is already started, you know it is dedicated to you, so please, email your pictures with your Stand21 gear on to: r.morizot@stand21.fr

Stand 21 would like to congratulate:

Corvette for their win at Le MANS and the excellent 4th place of Pescarolo
Sebastien Loeb for his amazing results and Carlos Sainz who is now the recordman of victories in World Rally Championship
Sebastien Bourdais for his fantastic start of season
Team Threebond
Tsubasa Abe / Hideto Yasuoka
Keiko Ihara
Creation Autosportif
And all Stand21 users and customers!

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