n°4 - 15/05/04
" Manufacturer of Racing Driver Equipment from Head to Toe "
" Made to your measure with your design "
" The racing driver is the most important person in our world "

To have an exclusive distribution network (franchisees, distributors…) in more than 20 countries in the world brings a variety and a richness in the orders (different models, colours, embroideries, made to measure sizes, options… in 90% of the cases) everyday.
Our goal is to convert your dream into a reality, respecting your demands, the standards, delivery times and the imperative stand21 manufacturing quality.
I thank all our Stand21 representatives who go to the racing tracks worldwide.

Meantime, we attended several safety meetings around the world, like the ICMS (twice a year), which brings professors, doctors, safety teams, federation representatives, people responsible for standards, technical directors… together from all over the racing world (FIA, NASCAR, IRL, CART, SNELL…)
They are very involved and very conscious to optimise the safety the comfort and physical conditions of the driver. It is a very good opportunity and allows big steps for our sport to see all these different persons, from different countries share their experience with humility.
That is why we have reinforced our R&D team, to pass in a very short time all the standards of the helmet range to the FIA / Hans standard, as well as our first Hans Model, made in France, which will be followed by a new one every 3 weeks (12 models in total).
We are helped by the Pr Meistelman (FIA), Pr Terry Trammel (CART USA) etc… Stand21 is preparing a series of tests to better understand the reactions of the human body when temperatures are changing (thermal transfer), the energy spent, and sweat lost in different equipment.

The passion and involvement of the stand21 team across the world (about 100 persons), allows us to see the future with confidence and have technical goals which will comply totally to your needs.

"Craftsmanship at its finest"
The workshop is flat out, which means that our delivery times are slightly longer, contact us to book your slot.

Your designs are becoming more and more unique with more and more embroideries, hence total concentration!

"What did you dream of?”
"Finding new solutions is our target"

Hans engineered by Stand 21
Before bringing the best products onto the market, the development and manufacturing phases have been elongated by several weeks. The dispatch of the first units is forecasted for May. Reserve yours now ( instruction manual for the Hans)
“Stop Press!” The first Hans Model manufactured by Stand21 has been homologated (Economy Medium 20 degrees)

A new stretchy Nomex
Stand21 is working from the base of the st2000 fabric on a fabric that optimizes the heat and stress transfer in order to maintain the temperature of the body and improve the performance of the driver protecting for a longer time against fire and optimizing comfort. This product has been developed with Professor Meistelman (France), the help of the Armed Forces and a Medical Laboratory (IFTH - France) will carry out the comparisons tests.
“A new problem has been recently understood: How to reduce heat stress and heat transfer? It is a real source of acuteness loses and crash (ISO 7933/ISO 9886)” FIA report bone by Dr Claude Meistelman, school of Medecine, France.In addition with technical features of manufacture, you will benefit from a human being sourcing thanks to the participation of a specialized professor in hand surgery and the peripheral nerves along with the setting up of racing drivers hands data bases (photos taken on race tracks). The main goal is to fit perfectly the new gloves to your hands for your safety and your comfort.

"Australia... "

Stand 21 Australia has organised its “Grand Opening” 02/23/04 and thank all the people who came.


"Optimize your performance "

Cool your body
It is official; drivers suffering from the heat see their performance deteriorate, so take action with the water cooling system , or with cooling cans.

Design your next Jacket for your team
To compliment our shirts , you are able to easily create your jackets (Summer travel, polycotton, 5 colors, Pantone colors available…), embroidering your partners’ logos and enhance your Team image.

Discover the “Vintage Mania”
Drive your Vintage car with the whole Vintage look whilst using all the latest technology for safety and comfort. Come and visit the Tour Auto Boutique, a true treasure trove

The MC1 (Mechanics) suit is newly available offering quality at an unprecedented low price. Contact your reseller

"A label of quality"

He shoots he scores!
After the F21. F 21 Air Force, the CH17 helmet has been homologated for use with Hans. The CH17 is the first Open Face helmet to be homologated for Hans in the World. Now you are able to wear an open face helmet with more safety, …contact us to know more.

A new challenge raised
The first HANS® developpend and manufactured in France by Stand 21 has been homologated!! 20 economy medium benefits from an ergonomic evolution, high strength carbon fiber…
The other models (12 in total, 2 carbon qualities) will join the list very soon…

The FIA glove standard will move
The objective is to optimise driver safety each lap, the FIA 8856-2000 standard is going to include gloves from 01/01/2005.
The using authorized period of the standard FIA 86 is not yet known


"The better we know you, the better we can serve you"

Help us to know you better
Fill in the VIP form that you can find on page 126 of our 2004 catalogue and fax to (+33) (0) 380-539-230 for the clients of Stand21 France or to your local Stand21 reseller

Thank you for your visit
We would like to thank all the people who came to our stand at Liege (Belgium), Melbourne (Australia) and Coventry (UK)

Hans® is both on the tracks and on the stages
Actually we are working to adapt Hans® for Rallying in order to maximize the safety of the crew.

Action !
Eurosport has been to film 2 new reports (safety and Made to measure) which will be broadcasted soon and available on our website.
Made to measure: 15/05/04 at 3 pm
Hans device: 03/06/04 at 8.15 pm - 04/06/04 at 9.45 am
A big thank you to the Film Crew as passionate as you and we are.

In all directions
Stand21 is currently developing a new visual presentation in 3 D which will allow you to soon see your Stand21 products from all directions….Try it !

Agenda for Stand 21 track side service
Our world-wide track side service has already restarted and we are pleased to serve you everytime (available www.stand21.fr)


Stand21 wishes an excellent championship to all drivers, teams, constructors, sponsors…users of Stand 21 products world-wide.
And we want to congratulate:

Elliot Sadler : 1st Nascar wins (Samsung/Radio Shack 500 at Texas) for Stand 21
Sébatien Loeb: 2 victories in Monte-Carlo and Sweden
Yvan Muller: 8th title in Trophée Andros
Stéphane Peterhensel : Victory in Paris Dakar

And all Stand 21 customers who trust us

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