n°3 - 15/01/04
“Manufacturer of racing car driver equipment”
“Made-to-measure in your colours from head to toe”
“The racing driver is the most important person in the world”


I wish you a wonderful and fruitful year. I hope you will reach all your goals for 2004.

Stand 21 is ready for the 2004 season. Commercial, Marketing, Manufacturing, Technical…in France, Germany, UK, USA... A complete world-wide staff dedicated to you.

We want to be closer to you with more effectiveness, accuracy and safety. Our desire is to drive you to the victory.
Each year, we will assist you on the race tracks as much as we can because, for Stand 21, it is always a please to meet you personally.

See you soon
Enjoy racing

1. Manufacturing
“Benefit from a made-to-measure solution”
Over 8 000 suits manufactured in 2003 with the best delivery time. 83% are made to measure!!! More than 2 000 helmets of which 81% are custom designed! Thank you!!! You’ve made Stand 21 the world leader for made-to-measure.

We optimised the organisation of our workshop for 2004 season.

2. Star of the workshop
“Realise your dreams”
3. R&D
“Your safety and comfort are our source of motivation and perseverance”
New Hans® device “engineered by Stand 21”
Not an evolution, a revolution is starting….We developed a 10° exclusively for Rally Co-drivers
Overstitches and structural thread
One option which makes the difference
ST 2000 100% stretchable fabric
15 years on, the stretchable fabric ST 2000 is still the reference in spite of new attempts made by our competitors
New fabric colour for ST 021 and ST 015
Now we have more than 20 colours to offer you. The world’s largest choice!
New colour fabric for Go-kart suit K 221
Yellow will help you to create your design
Made-to-measure is available today for boots and gloves
Ear phone / Radio
Made-to-measure is coming to your ears
Designed shirts
Your sponsors are with you 24 hours a day….Keep advertising with the sportswear after the suit and the car with your own design and colours!!! Exclusive to Stand 21
4. Stand 21 Network
“To know you is a fruitful experience”
Stand 21 Australia opened its doors…contact: : info@stand21.com.au
5. Standards

“Suits, gloves, boots, underwear: www.fia.com

Reminder: End of Snell SA 95 (helmets): 31/12/03
End of FIA 86 (suits, underwear..): 31/12/2004
Stand 21 is working on Snell SA 2005
FIA Standard for gloves will change

6. Communication & Marketing
“Transparency is the assurance to reach the excellence”

Visit on-line our workshops!!!
2 videos of 5 minutes each to discover our know-how and understand our state-of-the-art manufacturing process for your Stand 21 products.

- Helmets
- Suits

2004 catalogue is available, contact your Stand 21 advisor to receive it.

Click to discover our 2004 world-wide racing service

Many thanks to people who have visited our booth during PRI show (Indianapolis, USA), Autosport show (Birmingham,UK) and Clermont-Ferrand for 2004 Paris-Dakar race.

Upcoming shows where we will have pleasure to welcome you:
*Liège Autopsort show (Belgium) : 30/01 to 01/02/04
Contact: sales@stand21.be
*Historic Motorsport show (Coventry, UK) : 20 to 22/02/04
Contact: sales@stand21uk.com
*Australian Motorsport show (Carlton): 20 to 22/02/04
Contact: info@stand21.com.au

7. Congratulations, Résults…

Citroën Sport – World Rally Champion
Yvan Muller – BTCC Champion
Velentin Belgy – French FFSA Go kart champion
Bentley – Winner of 24 hours of le Mans
F Tirabassi – Junior WRC world champion
Simon JeanJoseph: Champion de France des Rallyes Super 1600
Frédéric Ancel: Champion de GT de série
Bjorn Wirdheim: F 3000 champion
Matt Kenseth: Nascar Champion
Barber-Borcheller: Gran Am champion
Motoyoma: Formula Nippon champion
Vincent Dupont: Belcar champion
Augusto Farfus: Euro F 3000 champion
Robert Kubica: F 3 Italy champion
Christophe Bouchut: Champion de France Supertourisme 2003
Paul Tracy: Champ car champion
Guerrieri: FR2000 Champion
Scott Dixon: : IRL champion
Frederick Ekblom: Champion Tourisme Suède
Zollinger: Champion formule Ford France
Laurent Groppi: Champion Formule Campus
Thierry Archer: Champion Super Production France
Cazzan: Champion Catheram France
Ryan Birscoe: F3 Euro Series champion
Bern Schneider: DTM champion
Franck Perrera: Champion F3
Motoyoma: Champion Formule Nippon
James Courtnay: F3 japan champion
Lopez: Champion FRV6 Italie
Gabriele Tarquini: ETCC champion
Franck Montagny: World Nissan Series champion
Stéphane Peterhansel : Paris Dakar 2004 winner
Richard Burns: : we wish him a swift recovery

And a thousand thanks to all Stand 21 customers who trust us everyday.
To send your testimony …click here

Franck Lagorce, Pescarolo driver, 10 times Le Mans driver
The night, during the 24 hours of le Mans, I have the feeling to be in my pyjamas with the ST 2000 suit, the most comfortable suit in the world!”

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