n°2 - 15/05/03
" Racewear manufacturer"
" To your measurements, colours and design, from head to toe"
" The driver is the most important person in the world for us"

This first quarter of 2003 has once more given us the opportunity to prove the commercial and technical expertise of Stand21 by delivering your equipment with the shortest lead times on the market.
It’s always with great pleasure and professionalism that stand21 used its knowledge to manufacture your equipment with very special care.

To best satisfy your desires, we will again be present at the maximum of events in order to speak personally with you.
For a good number of you, the season is just beginning, so I wish you well on behalf of all the stand21 team, in attaining all your targets this tear,
See you all very soon,

"The urgent is done, the impossible is on its way, for a miracle there might be a slight delay..."

All the Stand 21 staff is mobilised ….

The delivery time for suits :9/06/03, and helmets : 15 working days.

Between 30 and 40 suits with more and more embroideries are manufactured everyday in Dijon.
"Genius: 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration..."


The BootsDaytona "Off Road": co-drivers and mechanics on your marks: because these boots are also made for walking
"The company is chosen everyday by its customers"
ST2000 2 Layers suit: finally! Everybody’s adopting it! Production up by 70%. Click here to discover it…
"In our eyes, you are the most important person in the world"
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Stand 21 Spain and Stand 21 Australia, 2 applications under examination.

"Suits, gloves, boots, underwear: www.fia.com"

Harnesses: Extract from a FIA report
“After an accident which happened on the Paris Dakar 2003, the FIA has decided to forbid the use of harnesses homologated FIA 8853/98 and FIA 8854/98 on sandy terrain (WRC, cross county). In this case, the use of an harness with the SFI type hook is compulsory”
The FIA is working on a new harness homologation for this kind of races.

Helmets: www.smf.org

"Communication is not an exact science, you have to learn it"

Stand 21 will now be open all week long from 9h00 to 12h30 and 14h00 to 18h30, including Saturdays from 10h00 to 13h00 and 15h00 to 19h00.

New showroom:
-150 m2 of exposition to be discovered
-A 35 m2 sale corner

Visit our workshops: discover how your helmet and racing suits are manufactured

Many thanks to everybody who came t visit Stand 21 Germany during the Essen show, as well as Stand 21 Benelux during the Liege show, and finally Stand 21 USA at Daytona and Sebring

We are already preparing the 2004 catalogue, as every year, you can send us your pictures either on webmaster@stand21.fr or by post to: STAND 21 France, 12, Rue des Novalles, 21240, Talant – France

Formula 1 now has the Hans System, what about you? Click here to know more .

Under the impulsion from Jim Downing, Stand21 and James Penrose, all the Formula 1 drivers wearing the Hans Device are followed race after race (Reports from Melbourne and Malaysia).
Let us remind you that stand 21 is an approved and certified Hans distributor in the whole world except USA, Canada and Japan.


All the new calendar is available, click here...

o Meet Stand21 Japan during the “Audi Pirelli circuit Challenge” Click here for dates...


Congratulations to:

At Daytona, 65 drivers and a lot of mechanics have chosen Stand 21 equipment
Brumos Red bull Team
Citroên Sport for its beginning in WRC Championship (Victories in Monte-Carlo and Turquey)
Corvette for its victory during 24h of Daytona (GTS)
Nicolas Minassian who is 2002 Aascar champion
Orbit Racing
Risi Competizione
Sébastien Bourdais
Team Doran
Team Dyson
Team Petersen
Team Hazardous
Many thanks and good luck to:
Alessandro Zampedri & Patrick Huisman
Bob Bondurant Racing School
Bob Bondurant -Yves Morizot -Ric Cistone
CART officials and CART safety Team who gave us the opportunity to promote the safety and comfort of Stand21 products
Dale Jarrett and Elliott Sadler (Nascar) who use outside seams gloves
Force One Racing (P Alliot/D Halliday).
Greg Stewart Racing
JC Beattie
Lister Storm.
Opel DTM.
Oriol Servia
Pather Racing
Renault Sport France.
Renault Sport Belgium
Renault Sport Switzerland

Richard Stanton & Dewalt/TVR

Speed Secrets Racing School
SKODA WRC which prefered Stand 21 equipment (drivers suits and helmets)
Subaru France

Team Autosportif

Team Conquest Racing
Team Eurotech
Team Goh and Mooncraft which opted for stand 21
Team Fittipaldi
Team No Nunn
Team Penzoil
32 teams out of 61 chose Stand21 for Sebring, thank you for your trust
... and many thanks to the rest of you, who renewed their trust in Stand 21.

Please, send us your thoughts… “our customers space” write here...

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Ricardo Bachiorri

From: riccardo.bachiorri@gprcartiere.com
To: stand21@stand21.fr
Sent: Friday, February 21, 2003 10:51 AM
Subject: helmet offer

I'm an italian driver and I used your helmets for my racing activity. Before I used Bell , than S.21 (I race since 1975....)

On july 20th I had a big crash (25h FunCup) at EauRouge of SpaFrancorchamps
and had many fractures and injuries, but my head was well protected
from a F21 air force that crashed on the front visor and I had my life saved! I had just a bruise on my front in the point of crashing of the helmet.
F.I.A. gave back to me the helmet, on my request, after 4 mounths and now I keep it as..."souvenir".
If you want I can give you pictures to see the helmet after a frontal crash on the wall at the speed of over 180 km/h!!

Now that I've tested good quality of your product on my head, I need a new one!
So please can you give me a ..special offer for a F21AirForce with peak ?

I enclose some pics of last 24 h.Nurburgring with the helmets on our car (BMW M3); you can see my helmet...
and one at Spa before accident.

Thank you for your attention and the kindest regards

Riccardo Bachiorri
Team Superchallenge
Perugia - Italy


Stand21 created the outside seams gloves, famous today, in 1985 with a certain driver…


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