n°1 - 16/01/03
" Manufacturer of Racing Driver Equipment from Head to Toe "
" Made to your measure with your design "
" The racing driver is the most important person in our world "

As you will have noticed, this newsletter is a little delayed. We assure you there are very good reasons for this.
We were waiting to get all the new information, new products, lastest technology and to introduce you to a new presentation of Stand 21 Newsletter. We wanted to make sure that you got to hear about it before anyone else.
I wish you a fruitful 2003 season and I hops to meet you soon...

Yves Morizot

1. Manufacturing
"What was urgent is done, what was impossible is being done, for a miracle, please plan for a delivery time"
We offer you a new organisation and an expanding production means to preserve our competitive delivery time for 2003 .
2. News products

"Quality is not a luxury, it is a duty" "Quality means everything to us"

Hans system - Stand 21 exclusive dealer - Discover before anyone else.

Stand 21 helmet: Chrome and Carbon fibre look finishes.

Helmet bag - Re designed to insure added new protection for your Stand 21 helmet with a stiff bottom.
Racing suits

ST2000 finest suit - Now FIA 8856-2000 homologated in 2 layers!!!

Yellow shiny fabric for ST021 suit and ST015

New desgin for stock suit: contact your local agent.
Racing mechanics suit MC2- Entire suit features made with our fire retardant fabric.
Karting suits

Karting suit "Factory Design" (level 1)- Designed for you.

Indoor Go kart suit - Developped for a easier end using, high wear resistance at a competitive price...Contact us!

Leisure GO Kart suit K09: the best quality/price ratio on the market

Karting balaclava - a higher quality with a competitive price.

Cooling system

Water cooling system developped with TAISAN .An advanced technology for long distance racing.


Short external seams glove: you said fantastic??

Stand 21 shirts - Select or design it…and we manufacture it with your sponsors embroideries.
New sportswear collection manufactured by Stand 21 - Design, Comfort and Quality… …It means everything to us

Caps: you create, we manufacture your customised cap with your sponsors embroideries.


Vintage: you have the car?? we can supply the equipment

3. Product of the month
4. Network
"Our racing services brought you technical support on more than 200 competitions all over the world"
Stand 21 settled in Atlanta, contact
2 new franchised stores to be closer to you: Stand 21 Japan and Stand 21 Sweden
To contact them or the global network, click here
Stand 21 Belgium becomes…Stand 21 Benelux!!, contact here
Stand 21 is now in China...contact Chronic Trading
5. Standards
"Safety means everything to us"
New FIA standards for racing suits, underwear, boots are now running, for your safety contact your Stand 21 agent or visit www.fia.com
Snell SA 95: Homologated until end of December 2003
Racing suits

Snell SA 2000 standard is now running, contact your stand 21 staff or get your information www.smf.org

6. Communication
2003 racing catalogue has been mailed, ask it.

Stand 21 web site is updated…

Come to visit Stand 21 manufacturing workshop in Dijon: Discover how and where we create, manufacute your suit and helmet in France.

We would like to thank you people that we met @:

Autosport show in Birmingham:

Conference about Hans sytem with Jim Downing, Pr Sid Watkins and Pr Trammel during Autopsort show

PRI show in Indianapolis.


Visit us at Liège show - Belgium - 30th /01 to 02nd /02/03
For an appointment (measurement…), contact Stand 21 Benelux Steve: amaze@village.uunet.be
7. Racing Service - Get your personalised assistance on race track

We will enjoy meeting you during the 2003 season, click here to discover the 2003 planning

8. Research and Development

"Provide you advanced technology to optimize your racing safety and comfort"

New fabric for underwear: you will get new benefits.

9. Congratulations - Results

We support all our customers and we thank them for their faith and loyalty.
Special congratulations and thanks to:

Alexandro Zampedri
Alexandro Zanardi
Almeras Team
Andy Morgan
ABT Team
Audi Goh Team
ASM Team
Bentley Team
Brice Tirabassi - French Rally Championship Winner
Britnell Team
Caraff Racing Team
Christophe Dechavanne/Henri Leconte/Franck Lagorce with of 24hours of Chamonix
Citroen Sport - WRC
Courage Competition
Evo Magasine
Gonçalo Gomes
Harri Luostarinen
Hexis Racing Team
Jason Templeman
Larbre competition - Christophe Bouchut - FIA GT World Champion
Laurent Aiello - Audi - DTM champion
Laurent Redon - IRL - USA
Lister Team
Luc Alphand and his team
Ludovic Simon
Manuel Gião
Mark Fullalove
Michaels Vergers
Michael Caine
Mick Jones
Morgan/Dewalt Team
Nassim Sidi - Stardrive motorsport
Opel Motorsport - DTM
Oriol Servia - CART - USA
Paul Rivett
Pescarolo Sport Team
Philippe Alliot and David Halliday - Force one Racing Team
PK Sport
PK Sport UK Team
Rob Barff
Richard Hay
Richard Stanton
Sebastien Bourdais - F 3000 World Champion
Soulan/Goueslard - French GT Championship Winner
Spyker Team
Steve Beards
Steve Hyde
Steven Meli
Toyota Portugal Team
Tristan Gommendy - F3 French Championship winner
Yvan Muller - BTTC - UK

And all the people who are using Stand 21 products worldwide...

10. Your comments

Feel free to give your opinion about:

Stand 21 products (remarks, suggestion, modification, idea of new product....)
Your results
Races where you want to meet us

11. Did you know it??

Stand 21 was one of creator of the Racing Suit that drivers wear everyday.....
In 1985, Stand 21 created back belt with flat seams to reduce injuries and optimise drivers comfort...Today our competitors copy it.

12. To know

Jim Downing (H.A.N.S) went to FI Test in Barcelona to introduce Hans system and talk about it with F1 drivers. The new system had a very positive audience and most of the drivers tested it. To be continued..."

Stand 21 supplied the complete racing drivers equipment for the new movie "Michel Vaillant", produced by Luc Besson and other events that we can not inform you .
Due to 11/09/01 event, insuance rate for freight is now 0.5% of the invoice total amount (tax free)
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