N°24 - 22/09/11
Every weekend around the world, on any racetrack,
crashes happened reminding us that safety is not a small issue and that no
one should minimize it.

It’s better to be thick-headed...

Below is a video of a crash implying one of our IVOS SNELL SA 2005 helmets with its explanations and the uninjured driver's testimony:

1. During the first frontal impact, the HANS® system
fulfils its role, restraining head and neck.
2. Seat breaks and there are multiple impacts on the helmet top resulting from violent contacts with roof and rollcage, as well as deformation of the shell basis on the HANS® system
following crushing against the roof during the flips.
This last fact has prevented the driver's cervical vertebrae
from being wedged.
3. A top peak screw scraps on the tarmac while the car slides on the side. 4. Shearing of the carbon by a metallic object (probably the door handle) which was stopped by the shell and the chin strap support.
A few words from Mr Neil Smith, driver of the car:
"I am certain that I am alive today thanks to a HANS® Device and IVOS helmet supplied by
Stand 21. I was lucky enough to be wearing them when another driver hit my left front wheel in a test session at Spa which snapped my steering, sending me into the armco at around 70-80mph followed by at least six rolls. I am amazed that I came out of it without any major injury, and very grateful to everyone at Stand 21 for their commitment to quality and safety."

That was hot!

Stefan Ziegler drove his Lister on the Goodwood racetrack when he had a bad surprise…
Due to a broken fuel line, significant amounts of fuel were pumped into the engine bay. From there, the fuel spilled across the entire car and passenger room and burst into flames. Not only the entire engine compartment but the whole passenger room was instantaneously in severe flames. With a big jump, I managed a lucky escape. I must have been in this intense fire for close to a minute - my racewear set prevented the worst and I suffered only minor burns on one leg.

This recalls us once more that racewear isn’t an option. It’s really decisive all the time because this incident happened on a track day, not even in a race week-end.