n°8 - 08/07/05

"The racewear company "
"Made-to-measure and in your colors from head to toe"
"The racing driver is the most important person in the world"

This start of season was particularly agitated. Like the new fights in F1, a new wind seems to boost each racing category. And, more than ever, the struggles of this beginning of year informed us again that security was in the depth of all car races.

When more and more drivers are realizing the progress represented by the Hans® system, and begin to be interested in Heat Stress,
Stand 21 can offer to help them for a better understanding of these problems that are in direct relation with their race results, by organizing conferences, meetings on racetracks all over the world, sending technical rules ..

More than your supplier, we are your "racing driver engineer".


We wish you a successful 2nd part of season.

We remind you that...

The Dijon HQ shop is now open on Saturdays!
Here are the complete timetables:
Monday: 9-12.30 - 14 to 18h30
Tuesday to Friday: 9 to 19.30
Saturday: 10-14 - 15.30 to 19.30


From now on, on the major part of our design, it is possible to test your own color scheme! Appointment at the address http://www.stand21.fr/combinaisons/combi%20perso/combi%20perso-2.html

We were with you...

In this first part of season, the Stand 21 staff was able to help you on the races of ALMS in Atlanta, LMES in SPA-Francorchamp, at the Tour Auto, at the GT FIA / WTCC race of Magny Cours, at the Super GT on the Fuji racetrack, at the 24 hours of Nürburgring, at the Super Série FFSA in Dijon. and of course at the 24 hours of Le Mans.

And for sure, we will continue to help you on a lot of events to come. To have the complete updated racing service, please go to the address http://www.stand21.fr/service%20course/rsplanning.pdf.

Discover our know-how...

A new TV report about Hans® system, made by Motors TV, is now available in our section "videos"; discover it, with our big standards:

    - Video "The manufacture of a helmet" (Eurosport)
    - Video "The manufacture of a racing suit" (Eurosport)
    - Presentation on Made-to-measure and the Hans® Device (Eurosport)
    - Presentation on the Heat Stress (Samipa)

Have a nice viewing!

You can send us the most beautiful photos of you or your team, using the Stand 21 equipment, at the address marketing@stand21.fr and we will be pleased to publish them on some of our marketing supports.

Please note that every sending of pictures to this address means that we can use them on all our communication tools.

Constant research for exceptional products

Racing suits:

We are still working on the next generation of ST3000 suit.

A sample was sent to USA for testing by one of the drivers who won the Grand Am race of Watkins Glen, and another is going to be sent to Japan.
This suit, exceptionally breathable and available in several shiny colors will certainly represent the main part of the suits produced in the future by Stand 21.

This product is perfectly included in our brand new "Heat Stress" range and can be one of the answers to the drivers who do not want to suffer anymore of the temperature in their racing car.
During the 24 hours of Le Mans, we supplied a lot of racing drivers with cooling systems, Air Force helmets and, of course, breathable racing suits.

See below an e-mail, sent just after Le Mans, that tells a lot about the assets of these products:
"Thanks. Glad to have had one of your breathable suits, it was a bit warm out there!!"
Piers Johnson.


We are now working on a brand new go-kart range that should be available soon.

So keep your ears open at the next newsletters for further information.



The manufacturers can now send their helmets for the tests concerning the new SNELL SA 2005 homologation. The first ones that will successfully pass the tests could be marketed from 1st October 2005.
Nothing is clearly defined regarding the SNELL SA 2000 standard, but it should be normally valid until 2010.


FIA just confirmed that the 8856-2000 standard will be the only one allowed in F1 championship, World Rally Championship & FIA GT in January 1st 2006.
For the other categories, the FIA 86 standard remains valid until December 31 st 2006.

Discover our new products


After meticulous development works, we are now able to present you the Hans® air padding. Our testing drivers elected it like the best one compared to all the other existing. Very strong, with a valve, it will be delivered with a little pump to adjust pressure according to your needs in comfort.
Le Hans® is now mandatory in many championships.
Stand 21, with the most extended Hans® range of the market and with many years of experience spent to fit it in all category, is able to advise you as well as possible to adapt this system to your particular case.
Don't hesitate to contact your Stand 21 advisor!


New things to note for the team clothes: as we can propose some helmets, suits, shirts... with designs, you can now choose one of our pants designs or realize your own one. Moreover and from now on, we can make your Stand 21 pants not only with the waist size but also with the inseam.

Get ready to order!

Enjoy the best made-to-measure delivery times in the market!!!


At the moment the delivery time for a painted / made-to-measure helmet is about 15 working days.

Racing suits:

The production time for all our racing suits is today of 10 open days.

Several recent projects...

Stand 21 products are only available from our network

Stand 21 Spain will be soon "operational".
You will be able to go in our new franchisee shop from September 1 st, to get your Stand 21 race wear.
For more information, please contact the e-mail address amorales@beyco.es.

Stand 21 France (Headquarter): contact +33 (0) 380 539 221

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Stand 21 Australia: contact
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Stand 21 exclusive dealers

Motorarte - Portugal: contact
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Stand 21 wishes to thank (among plenty other)...

All the Corvette racing team, that, in spite of strong competitors, realized the great performance of a one-two in GT1 at the 24 hours of Le Mans and who reached the 5th et 6th general standing positions. Congratulations also to Larbre Compétition who stays at the 4th position of the GT1 standing and to the team Courage at the 6th position of the very hard LM1 standing. Paul Belmondo Racing finished in 2nd and 3rd position in LM2 category after a long time spent leading the race. Finaly, congratulation to Leo Hindery, winner of the GT2 category and to IMSA Performance and Luc Alphand Aventures teams who reached the 4th and 5th positions. More generally, a special thanks goes to all the people who took part and made the success of a great Le Mans 24 hours race.
Sébastien Loeb who literally dominated the last 5 rounds in WRC
Team Dyson that made a fantastic 1-2 finish in the ALMS in Mid-Ohio, and took 2nd place in Atlanta, making progress only two points behind the championship leader
Team Rollcentre, for taking 3rd place in Spa Francorchamps in LMES, and teams Noel Del Bello (LM2) and Russian Age Racing (GT2) for finishing 2nd in their respective categories
Éric Bachelart and his team Mi-Jack Conquest Racing, that are making a steady progress in the Champ Car series
Gary Paffett (one of the first lucky owners of our Hans® Air padding), Mattias Ekström, Mika HÄkkinen... and the 99% of the DTM drivers that are using our Hans® system
Team Krohn/TRG, that put both of its cars on top of the podium at the Grand Am Sahlen's Six Hours of the Glen, and more generally the teams PTG, TPC, Brumos, Kodak/Bell, Synergy Racing... who performed well in the last 3 rounds of the championship
Simon Pagenaud, Patrick Pilet and Ryo Fukuda, who are making good results in the very competitive World Series by Renault 3.5l
Fabrizio Giovanardi, Gabriele Tarquini... and teams Alfa Romeo and Seat, that are coming back in the chase for the title in WTCC
Michaël Bartels, Christophe Bouchut, Jean-Philippe Belloc, team Embassy... that animated the first part of the FIA GT season
Romain Grosjean , who is currently dominating the French Formula Renault 2.0 championship, Johan Charpilienne, winner of the first race at Val de Vienne, Jacky Ferré, best rookie... as well as all our other customers who are taking part in this series. Congratulations also to Gilles Duqueine (French Touring Car), Jean-Pierre Jabouille, Olivier Thévenin (GT), amongst many others...

As well as all the Stand 21 customers worldwide!!!

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