As of January 1st, 2019, HANS® Engineered by Stand 21 systems will become Stand 21 FHR systems.

As you may know, a HANS® system (Head And Neck Support) is part of the FHR system family (Frontal Head Restraint), in accordance with the 8858-2010 FIA standard.

Since 2002, Stand 21 strived to promote FHR systems’ use through the HANS® system. As a pioneer in the field, Stand 21 FHR has proven to be successful, leading Stand 21 to become the world leader in safety equipment. In order to enhance its product line while keeping in mind safety innovation as an everyday goal, Stand 21 emancipates from the HANS® brand. Stand 21 FHR will match the rest of the Stand 21 product range (Stand 21 Racewear, Stand 21 Helmets, etc …)

FHR systems being the only frontal head restraint family recognized by the FIA, will facilitate the understanding of the product as well as the Stand 21 product line readability and continue to reinforce the Stand 21 innovation scope for new solutions.

From now on, the HANS® brand will no longer be associated with the Stand 21 brand nor its products.

However, nothing changes on the Stand 21 FHR systems; all FHR systems by Stand 21 keep their name and of course their FIA approvals. The Club 3 still offers the best value on the market, and the Ultimate is once again a F1 and WRC world champion.

You will find attached the new Stand 21 FHR.

We’d like to thank you and our hundreds of thousands users for trusting our products, and pushing us to constantly be innovative and creative in order to always improve motorsport safety.