For over 40 years, Stand 21 has been assisting its racing customers by giving them the best and fullest safety equipment allowing them to concentrate on what they love best: driving.

An international leader in made-to-measure equipment for the racing driver from head to toe and true to its ethics, Stand 21 offers you top-of-the-range safety products which are sold through a unique worldwide network of exclusive distributors only.


- We surround ourselves with the best medical specialists and highly skilled engineers to offer you products with scientifically proven efficacy.
- We offer the best customization service (drawings, embroidery, painting ...).
- We offer the best delivery time on the market for special orders.

All-in-all our approach is unique and entirely dedicated to our customers:
we adapt our products and services to your needs and not the other way around.

A French manufacturer in few figures:
- Over 40 years of experience at the highest level
- More than 7, 000 made-to-measure racing suits manufactured per year
- More than 1, 500 made-to-measure helmets manufactured per year
- A team of more than 150 people working worldwide.