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Racing car drivers are wearing today, shoes that have been since 1974, the product of Stand 21's unique and specific knowledge in racing-shoe manufacturing.

This knowledge combined with the highly developed technological skills and qualifications of Stand 21’s associates in its factory in India positions Stand 21 as a world leader in the field of personalized racing boots manufacturing.
Racing boots manufacturing
1- First quality leather
2- Optional honeycomb
inside and Heat Transfer sole
3- Soft kermel inside sole for top class comfort
4- ATV outside sole
5- Inside leather envelope
6- Comfort foam covered by
 fire-retardant kermel
7- Micro-cellular
EVA shock-absorbing heel
8- Special material thickness to strengthen the heel

Conventional sole material  
For years, Stand 21 has delivered  the best
anti-vibration shoe using viscoelastic polymers because of the proven
anti-vibration characteristics, to its shoe’s sole.