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Underwear is, for a racecar driver, the final protection against fire.
It also acts as a second skin, allowing the body to breathe without soaking the driver’s skin.
As such, all of the driver’s under wears, from the hood to the socks, must be the result of a permanent research for optimization of comfort and safety.

Manufacturer of fire retardant underwear for more than 30 years, Stand 21 constantly improves its product line by using its experience in the production of specialized apparel for the racing driver. This unique knowledge allows Stand 21 to conceive and develop models offering exceptional comfort and look.
This technological knowledge, acquired through Stand 21 scientific research and its medical Heat Stress program delivers to each driver a full line of hand-crafted underwear with no compromise in quality, comfort, performance, or SAFETY.

  • Balaclavas

    High-comfort head socks offer increased safety and improved cleanliness

  • Underwear tops

    A whole range of very comfortable high-quality fire retardant underwear tops.

  • Underwear pants and boxer shorts

    Our range of fire retardant pants and boxer shorts, offering the finest in comfort and durability

  • Socks

    Don't forget to protect your feet!