Dear Customers,

During the quality control process regarding the products certified to the FIA 8858-2010 standard, it appears that some incompatibility was detected between the type of screws and the orange part that holds the tethers on the HANS® CLUB SERIES size LARGE.
This incompatibility can compromise the efficiency of the HANS® device in extreme cases only.
The FIA is aware of the situation and marshals will pay special attention to the conformity of the implied model at race meetings. Mounting with Allen screws will not be permitted any longer.
To optimise your safety and to make sure our products offer the best performance the information below should be read:

The process to check your HANS® device is very simple and fast. Check for Step 1, then Step 2.
Following the reading of Step 1 if your HANS® device is not affected you can ignore Step 2.

STEP 1 : How do I check if my HANS® device is affected?

- a. Only the HANS® CLUB SERIES size LARGE marketed and shipped from the Stand 21 factory before 2012/12/31 are concerned (
serial numbers from S20LCS/12/00050 to S20LCS/12/02086)
- b. If the barcode begins with "S20LCS" and the FIA 8858-2010 standard label mentions "20L-CS" as the model, you can go to Step 2.
- c. If your HANS® device model is HANS® CLUB SERIES size MEDIUM (type 20M-CS) you do not have to be concerned by this situation.
- d.  If your HANS® device model doesn't belong to the HANS® CLUB SERIES range you do not have to be concerned by this situation.

STEP 2 : Checking the screw type:

- a. The fixing screws for the orange parts are located at the back of the HANS® device.
- b. If your HANS® CLUB SERIES size LARGE is mounted with A-type screws (Phillips screws, stainless-steel colour), you do not have to be concerned by the situation as your Stand 21 HANS® device does not require an update.
- c.  If your HANS® CLUB SERIES size LARGE is mounted with B-type screws (hexagon socket head cap screws, commonly called Allen screws, black colour), an update is required and available for free. Please follow the process below.

What to do if you are concerned:
You only have to contact us directly, either by e-mail ( or by phone (+33 (0) 380 539 221, ask for Mr LIBIS).
Please give us your name, delivery address and phone number as well as the serial number of your HANS® device.
We will then send you the right screws for free immediately
As soon as you will have received these new screws, you will be able to replace the Hexagon socket cap ones
(it takes two to three minutes) and your device will comply again with the standard while offering you maximum safety of the HANS® system.
We still do our best to offer you the best products for your safety.
We thank you once more for your trust in Stand 21 products.

Frédéric Libis
HANS® Device Dpt