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Yves Morizot founded Stand 21 in 1970.
Stand 21 has since, continuously delivered technical innovations, safety improvements applied to its products, exceptionally efficient and comfortable.
- 1972 Production of racing equipment by direct mail-order sales.
- 1974 Introduction of “made-to-measure” racing suits and first Formula 1 involvement.
- 1976 Introduction of racing suit design with flat seams on back and sides.
- 1977 Introduction of preformed arms and back on racing suits.
- 1980 Establishment of exclusive worldwide distribution network.
- 1984 Introduction of first-ever outside-seam gloves (developed with Senna, Piquet...) and flat-seam balaclava (head sock).
- 1985 The ST021, a new generation of racing suits with multidirectional floating sleeves concept, an invention copied by all our competitors.
- 1986 Design and production of the ST2000 racing suit, reducing  the risks related to Heat Stress, technically 20 years ahead of its time.
- 1988 Design and production of comfort improving stretchable collar.
- 1992 Introduction of a new, SNELL SA-certified helmet.
- 1995 Production of the first Air Force vented racing suit.
- 2002 Selected as one of only two worldwide HANS® licensees, to engineer, produce and market head and neck restraining devices, resulting in the development of many new HANS® models.
- 2003 Establishment of Stand 21 India to fully integrate all production in house, and develop new product lines.
- 2004 Completion of the "Heat Stress” research program in close association with medical experts worldwide and the French Army.
- 2005 A new ST3000 racing suit is the result of the Heat Stress research, using a new, ground-breaking Pairformance® fiber.
- 2006 Development of the Heat Stress concept with many customers, Porsche Motorsport, Corvette Racing, HSV… Stand 21 establishes in India, a shoe-manufacturing factory allowing full customization.
  Stand 21 becomes Porsche Motorsport’s Official & Exclusive Worldwide racewear supplier.
- 2007 Introduction of an improved Air Force racing suit.
- 2008 Introduction of the Stand 21 IVOS® helmet.
- 2009 Introduction of a new HANS® Racing Series.
  All Stand 21 racing suits will now feature Heat Stress technology.
- 2010 The IVOS® helmets are now FIA 8860 certified. Finalization of drag-racing, SFI-3.2A-15 & 20-level racing suits.
Gloves may now be fully customized.
- 2011 Development and marketing of a full line of drag racing safety equipment.
Incorporation of the “Racing Goes Safer” foundation, dedicated to safety in motorsports.
  Introduction of a new HANS® Club Series
- 2012 Introduction of the IVOS®-Open Face Double Duty helmet & fire-retardant woman brassiere.
- 2013 Introducing the HANS® Ultimate and the Top Fit head sock.
- 2014 Introducing the Lid Lifter head sock, the La Couture, ST221 HSC Evo & ST221 Air-S racing suits, the T221 & T215 mechanics suits, the Top Fit underwear top and pants, the Silhouette shoes, the mechanics gloves and the new pants.