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IVOS-Air Force FIA

From 2 708.33 € Excl. VAT, Ex-works Talant, France
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Porsche Motorsport IVOS-Air Force helmet with FIA 8860-2010 standard

Minimum weight preventing neck fatigue
Optimum HANS® adaptation
Advanced technology
Exceptional resistance to shock
FIA 8860-2010 & SNELL SA

The helmet production results from total quality control within our own factory in France

Made-to-measure Slow down core temperature increasing Forced air Aramid fabric Hand made Dismountable inside HANS<sup>®</sup> homologated Ventilation
Technical data

- Full carbon shell
- Liner with memory after impact
- HANS® ready
- Forced air system to bring a lot of fresh air to your head
- Sizes range from 57 to 65 and made-to-measure with your provided headshots

Delivered with:
- 1 clear visor
- 1 peak
- 1 mounting kit
- 1 flexible hose